Economic Change: Protests Against Corruption

American politician indicted for corruption, link here.

Thailand protests against corruption, link here.

Spain protests against corruption, link here.

Ukraine protests against corruption, link here.

One has to wonder how long it will take the American public to do what the Ukrainian, Spanish and Thai people are doing.  Wonder why the NSA has compromised every form of electronic communication available?  They will know the instant anyone tries to organize via electronic media.

The Obamacare website cost north of 1 Billion dollars and it could have been constructed by high school students and been in better shape than it is now.  Who received all that tax payer funding?  Friends of the Obamas.  Could we call that corruption?  If not what would we call it?  Does it matter what we call it?  Not really.  Why not?  The data is rolling in and a definite trend is forming.

People know what it means when friends of politicians get filthy rich and the common man ends up unemployed and on welfare.  It does not matter what people call it, what matters is how they react when they see it.  Ukraine, Thailand, and Spain are all examples of people reacting to the current economic order.

What prevents large scale protests in America?  NSA preempting riots and protests before they start, and welfare/unemployment benefits.  Why is it a priority to pass extensions of unemployment benefits?  Watch what the American people do when their benefits run out.  Benefits are not handed out in D.C. because of the goodness of these politicians hearts, they are not stupid and they read the news about riots overseas just like we do.

Outlook: as long as the government pays its people to stay at home when they cannot find work, the status quo (no riots, no protests) should hold in America (barring any black swan events.)  The American people have proven to the political class that order can be maintained as long as the people have something to lose.  In a sense, long term unemployment payments are a payoff not to riot or protest.  Those benefits give people something to lose.

A42 out.

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