Observers perplexed by Comet ISON’s erratic performance

link to news story here.

As this thing gets closer ‘experts’ are telling us it is not acting as expected.  In fact, they don’t know what the heck is going on with it.  This thing has been acting strange from the beginning which demands prudence from us.  Who knows what ISON is going to do, the ‘experts’ certainly do not know.  There are multiple scenarios where things end in a bad way with this comet.  1.  It causes a kill shot solar flare from the sun when it is on our side of the sun.  2.  The comet rotates and exposes its un-volatilized side to the sun as it is on our side, causing erratic behavior that could include break up and the pieces hit the earth as we rotate through their path.  3.  Electrical interaction with the earth and sun causes other unforeseen problems.

Again, I’ll keep beating this dead horse…what was Sec Napolitano referring to when she said we are facing an unprecedented natural disaster?  Obviously we have not seen it so what could it be?  Tornado? No.  Hurricane? No.  Earthquake? No/Maybe (ISON) Flooding? No.  Space Threat?  Probably.  Go through the possibilities and determine what other threat can be seen from this far away in time and not have arrived yet.

Analyst 42’s best intelligence solution to what Sec Napolitano was referring to: a space threat.  The threat may or may not be ISON, but ISON is the closest threat on the radar and should be prepared for accordingly.

A42 out.


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