Up to $1,000 a day to care for child migrants

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Looking at these developments on the border one has to imagine:  1.  Is the Obama administration trying to spark outrage among the American public?  2.  If so, to what end? 3.  Why would they allow and seem to encourage this wave of immigration?  

To objectively understand this issue we first have to understand that out southern border could be locked down tomorrow if the US Federal Government wanted to lock it down.  But they do not want it locked down.  Two points to understand here are:

1.  This country and much of the western world has a demographics problem.  We are not producing enough babies and our population is aging which is bad for economic stability.  A solution?  Bring in more people however you have to.  

Lets forget for a moment about the diseased among the immigrants, and the national security threats among these people as well as the gaping holes being produced along the border created by moving assets away from the border and to the crises area.

2.  Agitating the US population has its uses as well.  What we are seeing is a barometer for how far the people can be pushed without causing mass civil unrest.  This immigration situation is favorable for that purpose because it can be quickly turned around.  Lets say mass protests did break out over this wave of illegal immigration.  Tomorrow we know that the border could be locked down and announcements could be made that mass deportations will be taking place almost instantly defusing the situation.  The situation can turn on a dime so it is very beneficial as a gauge of public sentiment.

It appears that the American public at large will continue to lay down for this one.  There are some areas of dissent but by and large the public is either ignorant of the situation, or aware and do not care.  

BVI analysis:  Points one and two above make this situation a win/win for the Obama regime.  They win if the immigrants stay (demographic ‘fix’) and they win if public outrage spills over the tipping point because republicans like Boehner are just as much (or more) to blame as the democrats for this crisis and Obama cannot run for office again=win.  The republican base is already fractured and becoming more so by the day due to issues like this=favorable for democrats.  This situation can be ‘turned off’ as quickly as it turned on putting the agitated segment of the population back to sleep.  This analyst does not see how the Obama can lose on this issue.





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Chemtrails Admitted

Here is a video with a guy from NASA admitting that chemtrails are real, right now today.  We can call it whatever we want to, chemtrails, geo-engineering, solar radiation management, they are all one in the same.

The question many people have not asked is, with the weather out of control in many parts of the world, if they are not trying to control the weather, why not?  Ask a better question, get a better answer…


A42 out



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Ukraine, Follow The Money

What’s at the heart of this conflict in Ukraine?  Follow the money.  I know there are voices out there that tell you this is a spontaneous popular uprising against corruption, that is partially true.  Think about it though, does the U.S. ever poke and prod nations that have no energy resources?  Nope.

Iran, we have been poking at them and what do they have? Oil.

Syria, we poked at them what do they have?  A pipeline route.

Now Ukraine, we are threatening sanctions against Russia over Ukraine.  What does Ukraine have?  Oil, in fact I believe Chevron just inked a Billion dollar or so deal for oil in Ukraine.

And what underlies oil?  The petro-dollar.  No petro-dollar means no U.S. hegemony over world finance.

Follow the money.


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Geo-Engineering: Turning the Argument on its Head

Here in the Phoenix AZ area we haven’t had a day in almost 3 weeks without the entire sky being covered in “jet trails.”  Man made cloud cover has dominated the sky for that long.  Many are those who argue day and night that there is no geo-engineering going on above our heads.  To that, I would ask “why not?”

The denial from officials is an absolute stonewall.  That wall should be attacked with questions that get us back to disclosure.  Questions like what?  Like, if there is no geo-engineering going on right now why not?  California is in the midst of a 500 year drought, England is almost submerged with rainfall exceeding anything seen in recorded history and the list goes on and on.  If there is no geo-engineering going on, what are they waiting for to get started?  California could use some rain, what are officials doing about it?  England could use a dry out period, what are officials waiting for?  It is obvious to anyone with any sense that we could use some control over the weather.

It would be ignorant to say the military of any country would not want to control the weather.  It is obviously desirable and it has been explicitly stated as desirable by the Air Force to name one branch of service.

Why can’t they tell us they are geo-engineering?  It is politically impossible.  The liability, responsibility and accountability that come along with disclosure make it unacceptable. 

It appears that record setting geological change along with its accompanying weather patterns are here for the foreseeable future.  What are the implications?  What happens to crop production and food prices?  As long as we need to eat, such issues should be in the forefront of our minds.

A42 out.

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Massive Sinkhole Swallows Vintage Corvettes

link here.

No water main break under this massive sinkhole huh?  That’s the favorite excuse for explaining away the sinkholes opening up all around the world.  They occur all over the place, anywhere could see one so what is causing all these sinkholes?

Massive earth changes are under way.  That is the understatement of a lifetime.  The media’s job is to downplay all the changes and it appears they do a very good job of it.  Most people are looking for information that will allow them to turn off the information.  Any excuse will do for them to say “ah, thats normal.”

The UK is seeing floods that exceed anything they have had in recorded history going back to the 1700’s.  Normal?  Not according to the data.

So what is driving all this massive earth change?  Ask a better question, get a better answer.

A42 out.


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Earth Change: Family car disappears down 30ft sinkhole in driveway

link here.

Notice there was no word of a water main break and yet we still have this giant sinkhole.  No excuses were given because they have no idea what is causing these sinkholes and in this case there was no convenient excuse (water pipe break being their favorite) to give.

So what is causing all these sinkholes, all over the earth?  They are occurring in every type of soil, with or without water pipes flowing through them, in every nation of the world.  Something major is going on with the earth and one sentence excuses are not going to scare away the pile of data that is mounting around this issue.  Major, destructive earth change is coming, that is where this data continues to point.  

Be as prepared as you can be to survive what the data points to.

A42 out.


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Earth Change: 14 Dead- Indonesia volcano Sinabung in deadly eruption

link here.

We tend to easily disregard the news that happens to other people.  14 real people are now really dead due to this eruption.  To read the news you’d think all of these daily record setting weather/earth change events were occurring in isolation but they are not.  This earth is made up of systems and those systems are breaking down in ways the ‘experts’ do not understand.  That, and they are playing around with the weather and there are unintended side effects that are blowing up in their face.

Regardless of the cause we are seeing the effects and in this case the effects were deadly.  Deadly earth change events are why we pay attention.  What is causing the record setting volcanic activity?  Why is this happening.  Note that these questions are not being asked in the coverage of any of these record setting earth change stories such as this deadly volcanic eruption.

What is happening?  Why is this happening?  Ask a better question, get a better answer.  The data continues to build a vector in direction and magnitude toward cataclysmic earth change events in our future.

Now for a note on the other side of the intel coin: disinfo.  

The disinfo shops will try to sell you this:

“disregard the fearmongering analysis”.  

“go back to sleep everything is fine”

“this is a one time event”

“no need for link analysis, this isn’t a systemic problem”

Try to sell that to the 14 dead people in Indonesia.

This is how the disinfo works, they prey on your normalcy bias.  People desperately want to believe that everything is normal and business as usual will continue indefinitely.  There is a 100% chance that business as usual will not continue indefinitely.  This world’s systems, economic and otherwise will see some radical changes in the future.  How can we be certain?  The changes are already in motion, just extend them out into the future based on what we are already seeing and you’ve got yourself an uncomfortable roller coaster that few will want to ride.

Buckle your seatbelts. 

A42 out.

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Britain To Be Hammered With 150 mph Winds

Read this article and notice “It came as figures show some areas of England have already had their wettest January since records began. ”

The earth is setting new records almost daily.  We are setting records for heat, cold, rain, drought, volcanic activity, magnetosphere compression, you name it.   The data is coming in waves and it is all pointing to destructive earth change.

A42 out

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Geo-engineering Whistleblower

One of the objections people bring up to chemtrails is if its happening, why aren’t more people coming forward to disclose it?  We’ve already covered this but you’ll end up like Edward Snowden, spill the beans and you might have to leave the country.  He’re is another whistleblower.

Elevated levels of Barium, Strontium, and Aluminum have been found in soil samples all over the U.S. and this lady is confirming that is what is being sprayed above our heads.

There is open source evidence all over the internet along with disinformation to counter it that chemtrails are real and are being sprayed over our heads daily.

What is the big deal with chemtrails?  First the government would have to deal with the health effects the trails are having on people but thats not the big deal.  The really big deal is explaining to people why they need to spray.  An unprecedented natural disaster is coming to this world (according to Janet Napolitano) and people do not want to hear about it.  The evidence is clear and it is compelling.

The analyst, a good analyst needs to say where the evidence leads wherever that is.  Decision makers need good intelligence to make good decisions.  Decisions made on faulty information or worse disinformation are going to be bad decisions.

The most compelling evidence we have is the earth itself and its systems.  The video below has some graphs and charts that I found useful:

We are in an information war.  There are always at least two sides to every war and in this information war there are many more than 2 sides.  Disinformation is rampant as are disinfo specialists that are both paid and unpaid: shills, trolls, debunkers.  Many people who cannot see past their normalcy bias are unpaid shills who zealously attack any and all information that disturbs their mental status quo.   The ground beneath our feet is rattling and rumbling and will soon rattle people out of their slumber but only when it is too late to do anything about it will they wake up.

This analyst is here to help anyone who reads to wake up now.

A42 out.









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The Chemtrail/Contrail Debate

What do we know that can clarify the chemtrail/contrail debate? The key to better answers is asking better questions. So we’ll start here:

1. Do we have the technology to put chemicals in planes and spray the air?
Yes, the technology is almost ancient. What is crop dusting? What is cloud seeding? How long have we known this is conventional technology? It’s a no brainer, its absolutely possible to spray chemicals into the air from aircraft and we have been doing this (crop dusting) for over a century.
2. Is it feasible to spray the air over entire cities?
Yes. We have no idea how many aircraft are necessary but for the purposes of our discussion lets say that 90% of the jet trails we see are contrails and 10% are chemical trails. Is it feasible? Lets take it down to 1% of the planes spraying chemical trails, is that feasible? Absolutely. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing game.
3. What wouldn’t someone come forward and tell everyone what is going on?
Non-disclosure agreements, threats. Its called a clearance and unless a person wants to go to jail or move to Russia, they will not disclose. How many intel analysts does the government employ and how many have come forward to disclose like Edward Snowden did? Multiply that by all the years and careers that have passed with zero disclosure and one guy comes forward?
You get an idea of the numbers and how improbable it is for someone to tell the public what is happening. Also, if spraying chemicals is to prevent some great disaster, its for the greater good which would also excuse pilots from conscience problems thus further reducing the numbers of people who would come forward to disclose the program.
4. Is there a motive to spray chemicals from aircraft?
Absolutely. Link here. Apart from military applications are there reasons to spray the air with chemicals? Fact: the magnetosphere is shrinking at an alarming rate. The historic record shows this happens in cycles. Pole shifts have happened in cycles, the earth changes in cycles. What would happen if the magnetosphere disappeared someday soon? Humanity would be in trouble. We can speculate for days but what do we know about potential natural disasters in the near term? Janet Napolitano just warned the world last year of a coming unprecedented natural disaster. The Governor of New York just launched a program to train citizens for disaster preparedness.

So, what happens when the government knows the earth is in trouble but they cannot disclose to the public for fear of chaos? They act covertly. Does that make sense? Yes. Have people reacted well to even small scale emergencies? No. People were punching and clubbing each other for cases of water in WV after the latest chemical spill in the Elk river. People were pulling guns on each other at gas stations after Hurricane Sandy hit New York. Recent events show that people will get ugly in a heartbeat should the status quo be disturbed. The people on the road who cut you off, flip you off and otherwise drive like idiots are the same people who will be clubbing, punching and shooting their fellow man during the next crisis.
The government is not telling the truth because people cannot handle the truth, its that simple. If Secretary Napolitano told people the specifics behind the general warning she gave what would people do? The worst. They would do what should not be done so they are left deaf dumb and blind to the threat.
The evidence points to natural disasters coming our way and the government appears to be acting to preserve the natural order through actions like spraying the atmosphere. Do your research on solar radiation management and geo-engineering. These are not new ideas, what is new is people’s violent denial that there could be any threat to the status quo. People do not like bad news so they are given drivel instead of facts. Look at the evidence, where does it point?

A42 out.

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